Sentinel Foundation counters child sex trafficking, provides crisis response to preserve human life during emergency situations.

Crisis Response

We respond to volatile crises and support humanitarian efforts throughout the world, and provide advanced instruction for law enforcement officers, domestically and internationally.

We react and deliver

Sentinel Foundation provides rapid crisis response to humanitarian crises. We proudly supported the humanitarian efforts after Russia invaded Ukraine. Like the Afghanistan collapse, this emergency created millions of displaced women and children.

We quickly deployed Sentinel Operators to conduct full scale crisis response operations and delivered impact on behalf of our generous donors and partners. This operation was dangerous, ever changing, and could not have been more crucially needed for the people of Ukraine.

Sentinel team crisis response in Ukraine
Sentinel Operations provides crisis response to the injured - Ukraine
Sentinel Operations provides crisis response - middle east

We Organize and Support Humanitarian Efforts, Worldwide

We support and train LEOs

We provide training for both police and government forces around the world. Collaborative efforts between law enforcement organizations, Sentinel, and local governments make a significant impact towards eradicating child exploitation and trafficking.
Law Enforcement Training to counter child trafficking
Sentinel team gives law enforcement counter trafficking training
Law enforcement training by Sentinel team in Africa

Crisis response photo gallery

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