Sentinel Foundation counters child sex trafficking, provides crisis response to preserve human life during emergency situations.

Crisis Response

We conduct full scale crisis response operations and support humanitarian efforts throughout the world, domestically and internationally.

We react and deliver

Sentinel Foundation provides rapid response to humanitarian crises around the world. Our teams mobilize to provide transport, emergency relief supplies, medical care, and security to those suffering in times of crisis.

Our goal, to alleviate human suffering and protect the most vulnerable, is achieved by deploying a highly-skilled team of Operators where they are needed. We establish strategic operations locations where required to determine the best course of action for evacuating those in need.

On the ground, our teams provide medical care and coordinate future medical care as-needed, source ambulatory and armored vehicle transfers, establish safe travel routes through contested areas, coordinate with governments and multi-national teams to ensure success, and accompany their charges to their destination.

Sentinel team crisis response in Ukraine
Haiti 59 Rescue, Sentinel Foundation rescued 59 special needs orphans, provided safe travel to Jamaica.
Sentinel Operations provides crisis response - middle east

We Organize and Support Humanitarian Efforts, Worldwide:


Ukraine 2023
Ukraine - rescued wounded AMCIT

Sentinel Foundation coordinated and executed the evacuation of a wounded American citizen (AMCIT) from a military hospital in Ukraine to a higher echelon of care in Poland in order to receive life and limb saving surgery and stabilizing treatment.

Ukraine 2022
Ukraine - rescued mother and baby

Sentinel Foundation supported the humanitarian efforts after Russia invaded Ukraine which, like the Afghanistan collapse, created millions of displaced women and children. Our Sentinel Operators conducted full scale crisis response operations and delivered impact on behalf of our generous donors and partners. This operation was dangerous, ever changing, and could not have been more crucially needed for the people of Ukraine.


Haiti 2024
Haiti - 59 special needs children rescued.

59 handicapped and disabled children needed safe transport from Haiti to a medical facility in Jamaica, along with their 13 caregivers. These 59 children were the most vulnerable, whose severe special needs required the most medical and physical support. The Sentinel Foundation crisis response team mobilized and, over the course of months, developed the logistics required to protect and extract these children while evaluating the optimal window for a safe and successful evacuation. Sentinel Foundation successfully evacuated these 59 handicapped and disabled children, and provided them with medical care and safe transport to Jamaica.

Haiti 2023

Gang violence prevented critical supplies from reaching an orphanage on land. Sentinel Foundation organized and executed an air drop, ensuring those supplies reached the children, two of which were tube-fed and required life-saving medical food.

Middle East

Afghanistan 2021
Rescued family in Afghanistan

After assessing the situation following the collapse of Afghanistan, Sentinel Foundation forward deployed its crisis response team. We established strategic operations locations around the area to determine the best courses of actions for evacuating qualified personnel. We conducted evacuation operations, provided safehouses, evacuation support, and humanitarian assistance to over 300 people. We rescued 13 American Citizens through ground operations, 35 American Citizens through air evacuation, 4 British Nationals through ground operations, and 40 green card holders through air and ground operations.