Sentinel Foundation counters child sex trafficking, provides crisis response to preserve human life during emergency situations.

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Bringing the fight to those who exploit the helpless

The Sentinel Foundation targets traffickers, protects children, and provides crisis response.

We operate in the harshest environments.

We protect the helpless and preserve innocence.

We train and strengthen law enforcement operations.

Your donations support our child rescue operations.

How are we so effective?

We combine low profile operations and full spectrum surveillance to track down traffickers. Our cyber-enabled operations support highly skilled teams in the detention of sex traffickers and global humanitarian operations.

Special Operations training to combat trafficking



Technology and drone training used to combat child sex trafficking


The Sentinel Foundation combines Special Operations targeting with emerging technology to target those that wish harm upon these children. The Sentinel Foundation will bring the fight directly to those that target and exploit minors while training and equipping 3rd world nations to do the same. The Sentinel Foundation is a pioneer in developing technology to assist Law Enforcement in identifying traffickers digitally.

What people say about us:

From our counter-trafficking to our humanitarian work, here's what people say about us.