Sentinel Foundation Operations

The Sentinel Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization with its operational headquarters in North Carolina.

Our Mission Statement

Sentinel Foundation was founded with one goal in mind – to end underage children being exploited around the world. While this cause isn’t new, our method to achieve it is. We have the personnel, technology, the law enforcement support, and more importantly the perseverance to see it through. The Sentinel Foundation focuses on targeting elusive child traffickers that use highly skilled methods to find and exploit their victims. Children in underdeveloped and under resourced countries have virtually no defense against these networks.

Core Capabilities

Open Source Targeting and Analysis

Low Profile Operations

Full Spectrum Surveillance

Non-Standard Communications

Cyber Enabled Operations

Basic and Advanced Training Packages

Subject Matter Expert Backgrounds

Intelligence Agents

Federal Law Enforcement

Special Operations Personnel

The Sentinel Foundation provides a unique approach to the fight against child exploitation worldwide. We achieve success by incorporating advance technology with subject matter experts in their fields.

Glenn | CEO

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Can help Save a Child from Exploitation

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